The Digital East Asia Collections offers two search modes: A systematic search (including date of publication, title, and author as parameters) and a simple search.

The simple search scans both bibliographical data as well as structural data (e.g. included works, chapter headings, prefaces and epilogues, illustrations or ownership seals) within the digitized items.

In order to search the files, enter one or several search terms into the input field.

Searching with Roman letters
(German and Chinese transcription system Pinyin)

  • If several search terms are typed into the input field, they will automatically be connected by "and" .
  • The search engine is case-insensitive.
  • The search engine does not distinguish between diacritic and non-diacritic characters. German umlauts (ä, ö, ü, ß) are recoded as ä = ae , ö = oe , ü = ue und ß = ss .
  • • You can specify the search by placing a minus (-) (-)– representing für "not"- before the search term.
  • • Phrase search: You can use the phrase search to find certain strings of text. In order for this to work, the words have to be entered in the desired order and set in double quotes (" ") .

Searching with Chinese and Japanese letters

  • Searching for Chinese and Japanese letters requires that a minimum of two characters are entered. Single characters can not be fed into the search engine.

This feature only works with Roman letters. Given that Java-Script is enabled in your browser, autocomplete will be activited once you have entered the third letter of your search item into the input field.

Search results
The results of your search query will be presented as a list containing an overview of all matching items. The heading of each result is linked to the scan of the first page of the matching item.

Limiting search results
You can limit the amount of results by using the filter on the right: time of publication, year of publication, title, author, place of publication, publisher.

Displaying single results
There are three tabs below the item displayed:

  • All title data: Here, all bibliographical data is displayed in transcription (Pinyin) and original writing.
  • Content: Here you have the possibility to directly access specific structural and content-related parts of the digitized items (chapter headings, prefaces, epilogues, illustrations, owner’s seal etc.).
  • Show volumes: Should the result display an item consisting of several volumes, the individual volumes are listed here.

Displaying scans
Via the menu bar, you can move back and forth within the document, zoom in and out, rotate by 90° and also skip to a specific scan by entering a number into a field located at the center of the bar. Please note that the scan number does not equal the item’s original pagination, and that the two usually do not match!

There are also links to the Zend-Viewer, DFG-Viewer and PDF download.

In the case of special formats (scrolls and leporelli), a Zoom-Viewer is applied. It enables zooming in and out of the digitized item. The latter can be moved within the frame by using your mouse. It can also be rotated by 90°, 180°, and 270°.

General information on using the Digital East Asia Collections

Language settings: The web site is currently (as of March 2012) available in German, English and Chinese. You can switch between the languages by clicking the flag symbols located in the navigation bar.

Changing the font size: You can gradually adjust the font size on the website via the links "A A A" in the top-right corner. Please note that the zoom levels are in relation to the value "Normal" (100%). Should the zoom in your browser be set to a different value, the font size could appear disproportionately large or small. In this case, please check the zoom settings in your browser, and if necessary, set them back to 100% (Ctrl + 0). Now try to change the font size once more, again via the links "A A A".

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